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Kitchen Organization

We use the kitchen just about everyday that is available to us, so it’s essential to keep it clean and tidy. We’ve covered bedroom organization tips, but we’re back with a new post to help with the kitchen!

-  First thing first, it's time to clean out the refrigerator. We often keep it too cluttered, and it leads to things getting hidden then forgotten about. If you're having difficulty deciding what should be thrown away, keep only the essentials and get rid of the others. Then when you're making your grocery list, you'll know how much room you have and you won’t overcrowd. Make sure to clean it out every week. If you have a lot of leftovers, keep them in containers that are easily stackable, and proportionate to the amount you have.

-  The next place you should attack are the cabinets. Go through the same motions recommended for the fridge then move onto organization; this is for both utensils and food. Decide: “Do I use this everyday?” “Is this food out of date?” “Have I ever used this items in dishes?” “Do I have too many of this exact items?” Figuring out how necessary something is the best way to determine if you should keep it or not.

-  Once you have decided on what to keep, group like items. Buy silverware dividers to help place them into groups, and later, into drawers. Do this with everything: dishes, cans, baking ingredients, dry food, and cooking items. This makes it easier when putting things away.

-   Using clear containers is an excellent way to store things in an easy manner! These allow you to see where everything is. A few items to consider placing in jars or plastic containers are: gravy/seasoning packets, oatmeal, sauce mixes, hot cocoa packets, sugar, flour, cereal, or candies.

-  Quick tip: when putting away tupperware, store them with their lids so you don't lose them!

-  If you keep a lot of papers on your fridge or in the general area, buy a couple of paper dividers. Magnetic ones will help utilize the fridge space, and keeping some on the counter will make sure you have easy access to them.

Good luck on cleaning up your kitchen, and hopefully these helped!

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